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What are the balloons filled with?

We fill our floating balloons with helium, and of course, lots of LOVE.

How long will the balloons last?

It depends, due the large variety of balloons that we deliver. In most cases, we treat all our balloons to last. The larger the balloon, the larger the capacity for helium and therefore, the longer the balloon will last. You will note that in most cases our latex balloons will outlast our foil ones... it's truly amazing!

Are the balloons filled with an explosive gas?

No Way! Safe helium always. Environmentally friendly too.

Do balloons hurt the environment?

No. We use 100% latex balloons which come from the rubber tree, so they are 100% natural and biodegrade in the same time frame as an oak leaf.

Are all balloons round?

No, they come in all shapes and sizes from long ones to flowers and even ones with holes in the center! Don’t forget it’s BALLOONACY! over here.